Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weapon Cards

Embelish your favourite fantasy roleplaying game with these customizable and printable Weapon Cards! Includes layers which you can turn on or off before printing!

11 pages with 98 illustrated weapons (for a total of 98 different cards once printed and cut)!

If you are a Game Master, print and hand them out to your players. Or, if you are a Player yourself, share them with your mates!

Keep track of the weapon stats: damage, criticals, weight, etc. up to and including weapon hardness and hit points for those pesky Sunder attacks! Add weapon history, description, special properties, etc.

Weapon Card: front and back
(text not included; the idea is for the players to fill in the cards themselves)

Nine printable cards per page.

Designed with the World's Favourite Roleplaying System in mind, but with just a few clicks the cards are sufficiently customizable to be employable in just about any fantasy roleplaying system.

Available exclusively at DriveThruRPG!

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