Sunday, September 23, 2012

NPC Cards: High Fantasy


NPC Cards : High Fantasy - Creatures and Constructs

Enhance your roleplaying experience with these full-colour printable character cards! If you are running an epic campaign with dozens, if not hundreds, of various characters, make your players' encounters more memorable! Keeping check on many NPCs can get a bit bothersome, no?
NPC Cards are here to help your players visualize your characters and connect with them more easily. You can also fill in the backs of cards with their stats for quick reference, or perhaps more detailed descriptions and associated quests.
  • Includes 36 fully coloured character cards, along with 36 identical (and entirely optional) "mini character sheets" to be printed on the back of each card.
  • This publication focuses on some non-human creatures: planar monsters, dwarves, constructs, and monstrous humanoids. If you would like to see other types of creatures, you can expect much and more in our future publications of NPC Cards! Feel free to visit our blog and drop us some suggestions.
  • If you would like NPC cards with human characters, look no further!
  • The PDF file features fillable Forms, as well as Layers you can switch on or off.
Fillable Form example
Example: Text fields are empty by default, and can be filled in using PDF Forms or manually after printing. The cards can then be cut out and shuffled.

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